Today’s Special

‘‘Chilli Beef’’

490 MKD

mix lettuce, steak, mushrooms, cucumber, pepper, avocado, dressing - 350 grams


350 MKD

mix lettuce, arugula, *sweet hot walnut, fried goat *cheese (flour, eggs, breadcrumbs) - 350 grams

‘‘Crispy Chicken’’

350 MKD

chicken legs, mixed green salad, homemade bread, onion, chili sauce, sour cream, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, garlic - 300 grams

Quinoa and Avocado

350 MKD

quinoa, avocado, lettuce mix, cucumber, cherry tomato, tomato, olive oil, lemon - 350 grams

‘‘Caesar’s’’ with Chicken

330 MKD

iceberg lettuce, *Caesar dressing, cubes, chicken - 350 grams

‘‘The Scent of the Sea’’

540 MKD

*salmon, shrimps, cubes, mixed green salad, cherry tomato, onion, dressing, capers - 300 grams


530 MKD

chickpeas, garlic, salt, pepper, olive oil, sesame, cucumber, tomato, onion, pepper - 500 grams


220 MKD

tomato, cucumber, roasted pepper, onion, olive, *sheep cheese, olive oil, salt - 300 grams


220 MKD

tomato, cucumber, onion, *cow cheese, sunflower oil, salt - 300 grams


290 MKD

tomato, cucumber, arugula, lettuce, carrot, cabbage, *cow cheese, olives, beets - 300 grams